De Zadel Consulent

"Want een paard vrij van pijn en ongemak is de beste in zijn vak!"


Regelmatig zijn er mogelijkheden om stage te lopen bij De Zadel Consulent. Het gaat hierbij meestal om onderzoeks (periferie) opdrachten of analyse opdrachten. Heb je interesse maar staat er even niks op deze site? Stuur je CV en een open sollicitatie dan naar [email protected] en wellicht kunnen we elkaar helpen. 


Throughout the year I am looking for student to work on several internships and assignments. Most of the time this involves research applications and/or data analysis. Would you like to work with me on a subject but there is currently no vacant placement available on this website? Please do send your CV and an open job application to [email protected] and maybe we can help each other out.

Placement for several students:

Company:           De Zadel Consulent

Contact person and details: 

                               MSc. Linda M.J. Roost

                               [email protected]

                               0031-6 30 29 17 39


Duration: Throughout time


AssignmentInfluence of rider balance and saddle fit on equine welfare and performance


As a saddle consultant my job exists of measuring and analysing forces between saddle and horse by use of the Novel PlianceĀ® saddle pressure mapping system. This system provides data of 256 sensors which measure at 60 Hz. This means a lot of data collected in a short time span. It is the only valid saddle pressure mapping system available at the moment. 

The internship will start in january 2018 and will last throughout time. Any requests on duration, availability and/or workload can be considered. You will be supervised by MSc Linda Roost. And will co-work with several other researchers and experts.

Your task will be to help analyse parts of the collected data to work out the answer to your research question. The findings of this research can be published if succesfull. Specifics will be discussed after application.


  1. Are you a student in Statistics, Biomechanics, Animal Biology or Equine Science and would you like to dive in some very interesting data?
  2. Do you know how to work with Excel and either SPSS or any other program for statistic analyses?
  3. Are you excited to take part in this research and help build a huge data set and analyse data to answer a few of the research questions?  

Please apply for this internship by sending an email to [email protected].